LogicMonitor has a global presence with offices in Santa Barbara, Austin, Boston, New York City, London, China, Australia, and Singapore.

Within minutes, LogicMonitor makes it possible for businesses to monitor their complete infrastructures.

LogicMonitor comprehensively monitors infrastructures, from on-premises to the cloud.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments in a single platform

LogicMonitor enables organizations to see what’s coming before it happens. With advanced AIOps features, powered by LM Intelligence, we help teams proactively identify and resolve IT infrastructure issues before they can adversely affect business-critical systems and end-user performance. Reduce MTTR with advanced forecasting, root cause analysis, anomaly detection, and dynamic thresholds across your entire technology stack.

Log Analysis

Automatically analyze 100% of your log data to uncover root causes for your alerts and surface previously unknown issues predictively.


Get visibility into the health and performance of all of your networking equipment and other IT infrastructure in one, unified monitoring platform.

LogicMonitor utilizes a lightweight, agentless collector to discover everything you need to know about your network automatically. Just enter a hostname or an IP address and within minutes you’ll have the monitoring, alerting and graphing you need to maintain and optimize network infrastructure. Get the coverage you need for even the most complex networks – whether resources are on-premises, spread across multiple data centers, or in the cloud.


LogicMonitor offers comprehensive monitoring to give you full observability across modern cloud environments, whether public, private, or hybrid. Agentless discovery automatically discovers, applies, and scales monitoring for dynamic cloud infrastructures – such as AWS, Azure, and GCP – ensuring that monitoring is always up to date.

Server Monitoring

The cloud-based performance monitoring platform that provides a unified view for server monitoring and all other infrastructure together.

Comprehensive server monitoring requires more than simple CPU and memory alerting, but shouldn’t need a lot of configuration. With LogicMonitor, enter an IP address, and you are done. LogicMonitor will automatically detect, monitor, and alerts on: CPU, Memory, Network and many other OS metrics for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and more. Everything down to individual volume latency, TCP stats, and NTP.

Website Monitorig

Ensure website performance and availability using Service Checks. Perform on-the-spot service checks and enable synthetic transactions

Confirm your websites are up and accessible from one or multiple external test locations, or monitor from within your network and ensure your employees can access critical internal sitesContainers

Monitoring for Romote Workforces

Remote monitoring solutions provide deeper visibility into the performance of business-critical apps and infrastructure. Monitor everything from SaaS applications to engineering services, and ensure your remote workforce has access to the tools they need to drive the business forward.

Application Monitoring

Monitor the performance and availability of your business-critical applications from a single unified platform.

Track application availability and performance metrics alongside the rest of your IT infrastructure: cloud, server, containers, storage, database, networks, and more. See how business-critical applications are performing and ensure that Apache, Docker, Tomcat, Nginx, and more, are always online.

Storage Monitoring

LogicMonitor automatically discovers everything you need to know about your storage systems and delivers the monitoring, alerting, and graphing you need to maintain high availability and performance.

Storage systems are the foundation on which your technology stack is built, so knowing what they’re doing – and what they’re not – is critical to running IT operations. Improve storage and mitigate downtime with cloud-based performance monitoring built for the modern age.

Container and Microservices Monitoring

Get visibility into your microservices and containerized applications alongside the rest of your hybrid IT infrastructure in a single monitoring platform.

LogicMonitor automatically discovers containers, microservices, and underlying resources, so you can save your team valuable time without having to worry about whether your monitoring is keeping up.

Database Monitoring

Monitor database health and performance in real-time