Our mission is to secure and empower productivity in a privacy-focused world, where work and play can happen anywhere. With everything now in the cloud, it’s critical that cybersecurity follows you wherever you go, securing your data from the endpoint all the way to the cloud.

Mobility and cloud technology have become essential, as most of us now work and manage our personal lives digitally. With a platform that integrates endpoint and cloud security technologies, Lookout solutions can be tailored for any industry and any company size, from individual users to large global enterprises and governmental organizations.

Fast forward to today, Lookout is the leader in delivering integrated endpoint-to-cloud security. With a cloud-delivered platform, we secure data for the world’s leading enterprises and ensure they comply with regulations while respecting the privacy of their team who now work anywhere. We are also trusted by millions of individuals around the world to protect their digital identity and mobile devices.

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Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

Secure IOS, Android And ChromeOS Endpoints

We protect your smartphone, tablet and Chromebook because they are at the intersection of the personal you and the professional you. Our mission is to secure and empower your digital future in a privacy-focused world where these devices are essential to all we do for work and play.

The broad adoption of mobile devices have created new and endless ways for cybercriminals to convince you to willingly use your mobile device for their unlawful gain.

The most common start of a cyberattack is a phishing link and mobile devices have enabled new ways to send them to you. Phishing risks no longer simply hide in email, but in messaging, social media, and even dating apps. Because we use these devices for both, protecting against phishing is critical for our personal and professional lives.

We protect your data from known and unknown threats without violating your privacy and trust. Lookout uses artificial intelligence to analyze telemetry data from nearly 200 million devices and over 120 million apps.

With a lightweight app for your smartphone, tablet or Chromebook, Lookout protects you against the full spectrum of threats.

The app stays connected with our platform in the cloud to deliver efficient protection on the device that cannot be subverted and optimizes for processor speed and battery life

Lookout Secure Access Service Edge

Secure Your Digital Transformation With SASE

Current cybersecurity architectures were designed with the data center as the focal point. But accelerating digital transformation has driven the adoption of software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and work-from-anywhere initiatives. This has turned security requirements inside out where most users, endpoints, applications and data now sit outside enterprise perimeters.

A Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution transforms legacy perimeter security into a set of cloud-delivered, converged network and security capabilities that are available when and where they are needed. The core network component is a Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). The core security components, commonly referred to as Security Service Edge (SSE) consists of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and Secure Web Gateway (SWG).

Lookout Zero Trust Accesso alla rete

ZTNA Securely Connects Users Directly To Apps

Your workers want easy access to what they need. Lookout ZTNA provides seamless connection to your apps – whether they reside in data centers, on public clouds or in hybrid environments – without putting your data at risk. To do so, we only grant access to specific apps that your users require for work. We also continuously monitor the identity and risk level of users and endpoints to restrict access accordingly.

To ensure your infrastructure is secure, Lookout ZTNA can hide your apps from the public internet, ensuring that only authorized users have access. We also extend cloud app security benefits to your legacy apps by providing integration with multifactor authentication and identity access management.

Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker

Secure Cloud Apps And Protect Data With CASB

Cloud apps have empowered us to stay productive from anywhere. It no longer matters where we’re at or what device we use – we now have easy access to the data we need for work.

But all this is happening outside your control as your employees use devices and networks you don’t manage. Productivity may have skyrocketed, but so has the risk your data is exposed to. Discover how Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) can help.

Collaboration in the cloud means your data is going wherever it’s needed. It’s handled by a complex web of cloud apps for various purposes. It’s also transmitted over unsupervised networks to both managed and unmanaged devices and accessed by not just your employees, but also contractors and partners.

But you no longer have the visibility and control you had within your perimeter. You can’t spot suspicious activity without understanding how your users behave. You also risk exposing your intellectual property or violating regulations if you don’t know who is accessing your data and how it’s being handled. Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) protects your apps and data from new risks.

Lookout Secure Web Gateway

Protect Your Data With Secure Internet Connectivity For Any Device Anywhere

Lookout Secure Web Gateway (SWG) includes an intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-portal for implementing security policies, and configuring routing and SD-WAN services. With a unified console, Lookout enables organizations to have centralized visibility and granular control over internal, inbound and outbound web traffic.

‍Lookout SWG continuously inspects TLS-SSL encrypted internet traffic in real time, to proactively enforce security policies and meet regulatory compliance. The solution provides visibility into threats and user activity, and blocks malware, threat and malicious or inappropriate content. Lookout SWG uses shared threat intelligence across cloud apps and services to remediate issues based on the context of the access attempt.

Our dependency on the internet and cloud has made it an expansive attack surface exploited by cyberattackers. Defending against an evolving threat landscape is of utmost importance, Given the high number of security breaches and ransomware recorded every year, defending against an evolving threat landscape is of utmost importance given the annual increases in data breaches and ransomware attacks. With Lookout SWG, organizations can protect data by preventing access to malicious websites and content, protecting users from online cyberattacks. It provides full-strength threat protection with detailed insights into apps, users, threats and events, giving IT teams consistent awareness of potential harm. Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) contains web browsing activity inside an isolated cloud environment to protect users from malware or malicious code that may be hidden on a website.

Lookout SWG protects users in real time against malware and advanced persistent threats in dynamic web content. It provides safe web browsing to prevent users from visiting compromised websites.