Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

The main software development  is focused on PentaZip / PentaSuite.

C.H. Ostfeld also offers a different suites of programs (PentaZip and PentaSuite both produced by PentaWare). These programs were developed by Claude Ostfeld and his staff. More than 18 programs are included.

Solutions are available for Windows workstation users and for Windows servers that allow for all the most frequently needed tasks using just one perfectly integrated tool.

The PentaZip/PentaSuite product line is on the international market thanks to an agreement with the American company PentaWare. Pentaware   goes on  to add new features.

In 2004 PentaWare added PDF creation to its collection of programs as well as releasing a much enhanced version of its Command Line Interface.

PentaWare allows PDF files can be protected using PKI digital certificates for digitally signing and/or encrypting files.

During 2008 PentaWare has added PDF editing to its suites. This allows deleting and adding pages or text, modifying fonts, colors and attributes, creating bookmarks and comments, exporting from PDF to RTF, DOC and HTML and much more.