The Wandera team are proven innovators in enterprise cloud services and security. The team founded ScanSafe (now part of Cisco), pioneer of the cloud secure web gateway market and trusted provider to thousands of global enterprises.
The same passion for innovation and focus on customer experience is behind Wandera and the design of our unique transparent gateway architecture. They are excited to help their customers navigate the next generation of enterprise mobility challenges beyond traditional EMM. Recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor, and by Computing for Mobile Security Vendor Excellence.



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Security & Management for your Mobile Data

The explosion of billions of mobile devices has created the largest technology footprint for hackers to steal corporate and personal data. At the same time, the escalation of app creation and video content, together with the adoption of 4G, means the demand for data has grown exponentially. Businesses are suffering because they cannot protect, predict or control mobile data.
Wandera helps enterprises prevent threats, enforce policy, all while reducing mobile data usage.

The true strength of the architecture is the ability for administrators to take action using automated policy controls,
including alerts, filters, blocks, caps, and device quarantining to prevent security threats, ensure compliance and manage usage.

The core solution is Wandera’s industry leading protection against the full spectrum of mobile attacks. From device configuration risks, insecure app vulnerabilities, malicious infrastructure and traditional network attacks, Wandera prevents threats in real-time.

Wandera + Airwatch Integration

Wandera and Airwatch partner to provide seamlessly integrated mobile threat prevention

Wandera’s Mobile Data Gateway (MDG) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) suites are becoming central components in enterprise mobility strategies. These two entities combined provide the most comprehensive device and data management capabilities for mobile environments to date. With each picking up where the other leaves off, the two systems work in conjunction with each other to provide unmatched device management, visibility, security, and control.
EMM suites focus on device-level management, which is more persistent in nature. This includes the ability to set policies for password requirements, identity management, network enablement and app distribution.

Wandera’s EMM Connect solution enables deep integration between the Wandera Mobile Data Gateway and AirWatch. By linking the two entities together, an enterprise can realize maximum management efficiency, unified threat outbreak response, and multi-level policy based controls



Data Compression

Data Compression

More than a compression software

C.H. Ostfeld offers a different suites of programs (PentaZip and PentaSuite both produced by PentaWare). These programs were developed by Claude Ostfeld and his staff. More than 20 programs are included.

Solutions are available for Windows workstation users and for Windows servers that allow for all the most frequently needed tasks using just one perfectly integrated tool.

In 2004 PentaWare added PDF creation to its collection of programs as well as releasing a much enhanced version of its Command Line Interface.

PentaWare allows PDF files can be protected using PKI digital certificates for digitally signing and/or encrypting files.

During 2008 PentaWare has added PDF editing to its suites. This allows deleting and adding pages or text, modifying fonts, colors and attributes, creating bookmarks and comments, exporting from PDF to RTF, DOC and HTML and much more.

C.H. Ostfeld also sells PKWare products. The agreement signed with PKWare is exclusive to Italy. The PKWARE solution is the most comprehensive cross-platform solution to reduce, protect, move and store data from mainframe to iSeries Server from a desktop and in the cloud.
C.H. Ostfeld sells WinZip software

The solutions provided are: